We work responsibly

Thanks to a Quality and Safety Plan (QSP), Propharm confirms a full commitment in promoting practices to reduce the spread of infections and improve patients lives and professionals working environment.
Innovation, excellence and passion are core values and at the basis of our activities.

We treat our employees safety with top priority: training and periodic safety inspections are part of the employee Safety Plan (SP).

We care about products quality: accurate quality controls and severe internal procedures - according to our Quality Management System - lead to monitor production process and finished products characteristics constantly.
Batch release is always determined by full compliance to quality process and standards.

We strive for sustainable goals to enhance our core values.

Packaging and chemicals designed and constructed in accordance with the most recent and essential requirements on packaging prevention, reuse, material recovery and disposal considerations.
Materials are free from latex and latex derivatives; they do not contain, make use of or involve raw materials of animal origin.

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